Everything ages. Even our stones and steel!

Müessese Hepimizindir. Abdullah Gül University (AGU) is preparing to take over the historical Sümer Clothing Factory, which was built in 1935 and was abandoned in 1998. The restoration of this huge facility ,with almost 50.000 square-meter indoor area, will start soon with the support of local authorities. Hopefully AGU will  move to its new premises  in the summer of 2013.

Yesterday, I was taking another walk in the area -which I have been constantly doing for the last 12 months- and this scene stand out for me to picture it.
On this old and rusty signboard it writes “Müessese hepimizindir. Temiz tutalım.” which is in Turkish. A reminder for the workers of its time saying
“This establishment belongs to us all! Please keep it clean!”
This sign looked so ironic with its new setting of broken doors and glasses with the rust. It was unavoidable for me to take the pic. I used my iPhone and mighty Instagram.

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